Know Me, It Will Interesting

Bhawani Singh, unknown name in the writing industry, that’s why am introducing my self. Now you are here so Just scroll once and know me, trust me it will be interesting for both of us.

Like the every Indian youth I was also victim of Indian society. Before Covid-19, everything was going nice, I was preparing for Indian Airforce entrance exam. My only aim was to fight the exam and having a settled life. And I was doing it well at my own level. Suddenly the Covid came and everything got shutdown, because of lockdown I had to go home from hostel.

For almost 6 month I did nothing, I used to only watch only entertainment stuff. That time I had lost my interest in preparing for Airforce entrance, and I did that same, I drop out my preparation.

Now, the things started. Before this, I did not knew about my interest or my passion. Doing nothing take me in the deep thinking, I used to think about my career. During this time, I found that I like writing, although my writing skill was not good. But, I decided I will do writing.

I think it is enough. Let’s leave the detailed and further story for any other platform in Future.

What About My Studies?

I did me matrix from a normal private school called I.B.S. I scored 85% in 10th class in 2016. And I did my 12th class from Prince School Sikar. I scored 66% in 12th class in 2018.

After, for almost 2 years I prepared for Indian Airforce entrance exam. With the preparation I was pursuing my college from Jaipur National University. By the way, my stream was science math.

Education – Real

Maybe you are thinking that why am describing separately studies and educations. This is because I think that studies is what that I got by compulsion of teachers and parents. And education is that what I learned without anyone’s compulsion, and which help me to reach out my life’s aims.

From November, 2020, I am exploring the writing field. I didn’t knew anything about this field – what to write, where to writer, and how to write. But, with the time and my efforts, things changed. And now am acknowledged with writing filed. Speaking frankly, still am tyro (new learner), but, speaking honestly, am doing very hard to learn it and am sure I will be a pro.

So, education of writing field is my continuously growing asset. Am sure that, day by day, am learning something interesting about this amazing field.

What I Write

Before I tell about my topic, I want to say something for which you may be not agree. I think that when anyone like the writing, he can write about anything if he has enough time. You just give him your topic, he will research and give you the content.

In the normal case, everyone has his favourite topic, on which he can write without any research. And most of the writers do likely same.

Now, talking about what I write, so as per now, I write about the smartphones and electric technology. I work as a freelancer for the websites. For the other websites I write about smartphones and for my own I write about electric technology.

Experience As A writer

My first experience as a writer was when I wrote for my own newly started blog, which was failed. I wrote there from December 2020 to May 2021.

For my second experience, I wrote for an tech website called I worked here for 2 months and then suddenly the website owner decided to shut the website for his obvious reasons.

Meantime, I started to working with an other tech website called Till now am working for this website. Here my role is to research the new topics and make content around that topics. You can find my work here – just click here to see my work.

One more place where am working is my own blog – electofrnd Here am write about the new growing electric technology industry.

Bhawani Singh

Let’s connect with me on these social media handles.

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