About Electofrnd

Electofrnd is a new started blog website in early 2020. It started to cover the detailed information about the new growing electric industry. Electofrnd was founded by Bhawani Singh, who is a tech content writer for a long time.

Electofrnd is a technology informative website, it will let you know everything about the electric technology that is the one of the most growing industries in the present time, it is making its space in vehicles, as well machineries.

Purpose Behind Electofrnd

Electofrnd is started with a very simple purpose that is make people to aware for electric technology that can bring very valuable changes. Electofrnd purpose is provide you useful information about electric technology.

Electofrnds aim is to cover each and every update of the electric industry and provide you genuine content. Electofrnd covers about electric vehicle, electric machinery, and artificial intelligence.

Topics we cover

Electric Vehicle

You will get here update and information about electric vehicles.

Electric Machinery

We will let you know user guide and technology of electric machines.

Artificial Intelligence

Also we will produce stuff about artificial intelligence.

We Are Leading The Electric Technology.


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