The Top 5 Awesome Smart Features Of Hero Eddy Electric Scooter

Hero Eddy electric scooter has been announced recently by Hero Electric. Although Hero Eddy will be available in the market by June-July 2022. Meanwhile, the pre-booking of Hero Eddy is already open. This electric scooter will come with many advanced features. We are here to discuss the top 5 awesome smart features of the Hero Eddy electric scooter. 

Hero Eddy two-wheeler is a midrange electric scooter, which is compatible with daily short rides. The M.D. of company said, “Hero Eddy is a combination of smart features and stylish look. We are confident that Hero Eddy will make a perfect alternative mobility choice.” And I think he means it. Nonetheless, keep this topic for further discussion. Let’s move forward to our topic. 

Top 5 Awesome Smart Features Of Hero Eddy Electric Scooter.

First, we will explore Hero Eddy’s electric scooter’s top 5 awesome smart features. Don’t worry, I will also let you know all the other key features of Hero Eddy, whether it is range, price, battery, charging time, and top speed. 

1. Find My Bike 

Hero Eddy Electric Scooter Top 5 Awesome Features - Electofrnd.

It is a feature that will help you a lot, most, in the cities. It will solve a common problem, which we face in the parking places. Mostly, in the big parking places, we forget where we actually parked the scooter and have to put a lot of time for searching. And it is the most irritating thing, at least for me. 

Thanks to Hero Electric, we can find the scooter with the ‘Find My Bike’ feature. With the help of the mobile app, we can activate the scooter’s horn and flashlight. So, just open the app and tap on ‘Find My Bike‘ to find your scooter in the parking or in any crowded place. 

2. E-lock

Hero Eddy Electric Scooter Top 5 Awesome Features - Electofrnd.

It’s like a scooter’s key control in mobile. Let me explain how. With the E-lock feature, you can lock or unlock Hero Eddy with the help of your mobile from anywhere. Moreover, you can operate this feature from the handlebar as well. 

To access the E-lock feature, you have to connect the scooter with the smartphone via Bluetooth.

3. Follow Me 

Hero Eddy Electric Scooter Top 5 Awesome Features - Electofrnd.

It is a very new feature in the two-wheeler segment. Although it is coming in cars long ago. Follow Me feature keeps headlights on for 10-15 seconds after locking the vehicle. 

It helps you in the nighttime. If you have to walk some distance after getting off the scooter, it will keep the headlight on so that you can see clearly and walk safely. As I said, it keeps the headlight on for 10-15 seconds, and after it will switch off the light automatically. 

4. Reverse Mode

Hero Eddy Electric Scooter Top 5 Awesome Features - Electofrnd.

I am sure, at a point in time, you all thought that “kaash Scooter Me back Gear Hota.” And we mean it because it is very troublesome to pull back the scooter in a tight parking space or sometimes in traffic. Reverse gear is a very convenient feature in two-wheelers, but it was absent in almost every two-wheeler. But, since the last couple of years, companies are installing reverse mode in two-wheelers.

Hero Eddy will also come with Reverse mode, which is quite impressive in a midrange electric two-wheeler.

5. USB Port

Hero Eddy Electric Scooter Top 5 Awesome Features - Electofrnd.

The new upcoming Hero Eddy offers a USB port. It is equipped downside of the handlebar. As of now, the company didn’t reveal about the USB port’s Watt. Probably, it will be a 12W USB port. However, again it is a useful feature that is coming in Hero Eddy. 

Here’s the list of the top 5 smart features in Hero Eddy complete. Wait!

You don’t need to go anywhere. Make sure that you are continuing with me for more specs and features of the Hero Eddy electric scooter. I will tell you about the price, range, battery, and charging time of Hero Eddy. Moreover, I will let you know about the top speed of Hero Eddy.

Price, range, Battery & Motor, Top Speed, And Charging Time Of The Hero Eddy.

  • The price of upcoming the Hero Eddy will be around 72,000INR. Meanwhile, the company has not revealed the price yet officially.
  • Hero Electric is claiming an 85Km range of Hero Eddy in a single charged battery.
  • Hero Eddy has a 51.2V/30Ah lithium-ion battery and a 250W BLDC motor. Meanwhile, the battery of Hero Eddy is portable, which can be removed. The benefit of a removable battery is you can have an extra battery. You can use another battery while the first one is charging.
  • The top speed of the Hero Eddy electric scooter is 25KM/h, which is not quite impressive.
  • The charging time of Hero eddy is 4-5 hours, according to the company.
  • The color availability in Hero Eddy is Yellow and Light Green.
  • Moreover, tubeless tire, large boot space, telescopic suspension, all LED lights, and digital cluster meter are some other key features of the Hero Eddy electric scooter.

No License And Registration Needed For The Hero Eddy

As per the Present time rules of the central government, you don’t need any license and registration to drive Hero Eddy. It is because the vehicle has a top speed of only 25km/h. 

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Brief About The Hero Electric Company

The parent company of Hero Electric is Hero. Hero is one of the biggest two-wheeler companies in India. Hero Electric was introduced for only manufacturing electric two-wheelers. The company is doing very well in the EV market since last 14 years.

Meanwhile, Hero Electric has launched more than 10 electric two-wheelers, including an electric bicycle. Probably, it is the largest two-wheeler company in India.

That’s all about The Hero Eddy electric scooter. I hope you have got all the information about it. Let me know if you have any queries related to Hero Eddy in the comment section. I will reply as soon as possible. And stay tuned with electofrnd for more information about electric vehicles. 


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