When Will Ola Electric Car Launch In India

When Will Ola Electric Car Launch In India

Ola Electric to take its next step in the Indian EV market. Ola is to launch its first-ever electric car by next year. The company C.E.O. Bhavish Agarwal posted the electric car concept on his Twitter account, recently.

He said in his tweet, ‘can you guys keep a secret?’ Also, there is an image of the Ola electric car concept. We can guess how Ola electric car will look through the image. 

Without distracting, let’s come to our topic. We will discuss when Ola electric car will launching in India and other out-of-the-box information about this car.

When Will Ola Electric Car Launch

Ola Electric announced last year that they are planning to launch their first electric car by mid2023. Nevertheless, we don’t have any fixed date for the Ola electric car launching. Let’s see how it goes amid the global chip shortage.

Talking with some facts, it seems impossible. The company is already facing issues in the delivery of the Ola scooter. Launching the car is not as simple as a scooter. Driving test of lacs of kilometers, crash tests, safety tests, etc are the formalities before a car launching. 

If the company launches Ola electric car in mid2023, then there is no chance of delivery on the time. As you know, every automobile company is facing a chip shortage, so it will be impossible for the company to deliver the car. The same problem Ola is facing in scooter delivery.

How Does Ola Electric Car Look Like?

Ola Electric Car Photos - Electofrnd.com
Ola Electric Car Image -Electofrnd.com

According to the concept photo, it will be a hatchback car that has the maximum use of glass in the cabin. Ola electric car will come with a huge sunroof. The front bumper is covering much more space, that’s why it will be a spacious car. Moreover, it will look like an advanced fancy car.

The design of the Ola electric car is inspired by Nissan Leaf EV. Both the cars look like compact hatchback cars and have many similarities. Meanwhile, there is no more official information about the car looks as we have only its concept photo.

Is Ola Electric Car A Fully Automatic Car?

No, Ola electric car is not a fully automatic electric car. Meanwhile, there will be a lot of automatic features like; auto parking, drive assist, automatic transmission, etc. 

The reason behind not being completely automatic is, at present, India doesn’t have the infrastructure for automatic vehicles. But, yes, in the few next years India will have fully automatic cars.

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Expected Price Of Ola Electric car In India

Company officials said that it will be an affordable car. But, how affordable it will be? To know about the expected price of the Ola electric car, we should have a look at the other cars’ prices from the same segment.

We find that almost all the other same segment cars priced around 17 to 18 Lac. Remember, prices vary according to various key features. But, don’t exceed over this.

However, the expected price of the Ola electric car is around 15 Lac to 20 Lac.

Should We Wait for Ola Electric Car?

As I told you earlier, it will be very difficult to launch a car in a mean short time. If the company get succeed to launch the car by mid-2023, it will take an unexpected time to deliver the car to all customers. Because manufacturing and delivering of the large require a good supply chain, which is badly impacted by Covid. 

So, if you are thinking of buying a car in 2023, you should not wait for the Ola electric car. And if you are planning to buy a car after a long time and have a good budget, you should wait for Ola electric car.

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