How To Buy Tesla Car In India: Complete Procedure

‘How to buy Tesla car in India’ tutorial is completely for those, who badly want to own the Tesla car. We all know that Tesla is almost all set to launch in India. The reason behind the late launching is some tax-related conflicts between the company and the Indian government. Probably, Tesla will launch in India as soon as the conflicts are solved.

Although there are many people who already have Tesla in India before its launch, as they imported the cars from abroad. Due to the high import duty, it costs almost double if you import a Tesla car in India. So, it is better to wait for its India launch. Meanwhile, I will let you know the both ways. Now, let’s move forward and cover our main topic.

As you already know, there are two ways to buy a Tesla car in India: the first one is to wait for its launching and second is to import the car. Meanwhile, I will let you know both ways.

How To Buy Tesla Car In India

As of now, Tesla did not launch its cars in India, but we are talking about it after launching. For Indians, it will be a different and new procedure for buying a car, because of online procedure. In other countries, Tesla is shutting down its all offline showrooms for the car. And planning to take all sales online. Already an online order feature for Tesla car buyers is available.

same for Indian buyers. Whenever the company will launch cars in the Indian market, hopefully, the following guide will help you in buying a Tesla car in India:

1. Decide The Model – Tesla manufactures 5 types of cars. Decide your model according to you.

2. Submit The Design – Tesla gives you the option to design your car yourself. You can choose modifications in the car as you want. The company gives you the available option of design. Decide the design and submit it to the company.

3. Place Your Order – Now, it is time to place the order. You have to pay a decent fixed amount for the car booking. The amount will be adjusted in the car price. Here you have to do a lot of document-related work. Once you have done the booking procedure, you will get access to a Tesla account. All further details or information will be available on this account.

If you will do full payment at the delivery time, then you don’t worry. But, if you are planning to finance your car, here you have to decide and complete all the procedures of finance.

4. Wait For The Delivery – After placing an order, the company will inform you about the delivery time and waiting time. You only have to wait for your dream car delivery.

Meanwhile, you can do these all things offline or online, choice is yours. Meanwhile, test drive procedure is same.

Let me tell you, there will be some showrooms or outlets of Tesla company after officially launching. The company provides their cars for the test drive. if you want to test drive a Tesla car, first, you have to apply online. After your application, the company will connect you to the nearest store if your car is available there.

If you order any Tesla car ahead of launching, you can’t get the test drive. Meanwhile, for this car, your booking amount will be refundable.

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How to Buy Tesla car In India Before Launching

As of now, Tesla’s manufacturing unit is in only two countries; United State and China. In other countries, Tesla transports the cars to the showrooms. But, what about where it is not launched?

Talking about India, there is no official showroom for Tesla. Individual importation is the only way to buy the Tesla car In India. If you are someone who wants to own a Tesla in India before launching, import the car.

You can import the car from the U.S.A. to India. Although it is very costly. You have to pay 160% import duty for a car. Moreover, this is a long procedure. For you, we explained the procedure in three steps.

  1. Buy your car in the U.S.A. – first, you have to buy the car in the U.S.A. Either you can do all buying procedures yourself or connect to a dealer for it. You can do it yourself if you know the registration procedure. And if you choose to buy through a dealer, then he will handle everything. Get your car license plate and then collect your all registration details for the next step.
  2. Contact To The Transport Agency – you have two transport options; via sea and via air. You can import the car on a ship. Ship takes around 5 weeks to reach India. Otherwise, you can choose by-air transport option, it is fast, but expensive.
  3. Registration In India – Now, this is the hard part of the procedure. After the transport, you have to do registration of the car in India. First, go to the nearest RTO office, they will issue you a temporary registration so that you can take the car from the port. It is valid for 7 days. After, you have to apply for permanent registration. R.T.O. personnel will inspect the car and issue you the registration. Before this step, you must have –
    • Vehicle Invoice.
    • Insurance Documents.
    • Import Duty Receipt.
    • Purchase order of the car.
    • Bank Draft.

Here, your process of buying a Tesla car in India before launching has completed. Please comment if you want to ask anything about this topic or any other electric vehicle.

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