How To Drive With Regenerative Braking: Understand The Concept In Simple Words

If you are in touch with the car’s stuff, you must have heard about the regenerative brake. Most of the new launching electric cars have a highlighted feature ‘regenerative braking’. Do you know what it is and how it works? Not a big deal if the answer is no. I will let you know in simple words what is regenerative braking and how it works.

What Is Regenerative Braking

You already know that when you apply the brake, the brake pads got warm. It happens because brake friction produces energy. In the physical dynamic brakes, this energy gets wasted. But, in the regenerative brake, this energy got stored is in a capacitor. Meanwhile, Stored energy is usable to charge the battery.

Electric and hybrid vehicles use regenerative braking concept to utilize the energy to charge the battery, so that they bring a maximum range of their vehicle.

I hope the concept is clear. Now, let’s understand how stored energy is used to charge the battery.

How Regenerative Brake Works And Charge The Battery

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There is an electric motor that works as a generator. When we put on brakes, the motor rotates in reverse. Accordingly, kinetic energy is generated. Then capacitor stores the generated energy in usable form. After, the capacitor transfers the energy to the Lithium-ion battery.

The generated energy is not that enough that can charge the battery a lot, but it helps quite a bit to get more range comparatively.

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Is Regenerative Brake Completely Safe Or Effective?

No, regenerative brake system is not completely efficient. It is not enough to stop or hold the vehicle. Regenerative brake can only slow down your vehicle, but not completely stop. If a vehicle has only a regenerative brake, then it can be very dangerous because that vehicle will not be stable on the slope. That’s why a physical or dynamic brake is much necessary for safe braking.

A physical dynamic braking system with regenerative braking is always there in all the vehicles, so you no need to worry about it. And also don’t be afraid of any safety concerns related to the braking system.

As of now, no vehicle comes with only regenerative brake, dynamic brake is always there in the cars that can block the tire immediately.

In simple words, the difference between a regenerative brake and the dynamic brake is, regenerative brake can only slow down your vehicle and a dynamic brake can stop or hold the vehicle.

How To Drive With Regenerative Brake

Although nothing is that much difference, but there are some things, which you should follow if you have an electric car with regenerative brakes. You should apply the brake slowly until you don’t need a sudden brake. Only if you brake slowly, then you will get the benefits of regenerative brakes. And if you are always putting sudden brake, no energy will be stored for the battery charging. So, for the maximum range, you should use the regenerative brake.


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