Your E.V. Want Special Care: You Must Know It

If you are someone who takes care of his electric car like the traditional petrol or diesel cars, then you are doing it very wrong. Stop maintaining your E.V. like a traditional car. You must know how to take care of an electric car. There are thousands of E.V. owners doing this same. In this blog post, I will share with you how to take care of an electric car.

It is like a child’s play to take care of an electric car. At the same time, it is quite necessary to take care of your electric car periodically. It is a very different process from the gas or oil engine car’s cars because both the cars have a different-different mechanism.

There are only a few parts in an electric car that have to be changed often because E.V. doesn’t have an power generator motor. You have to specially take care of electric motor and Lithium-ion battery. These are the two major parts of a electric car. And the routine service is also part of this.

Remember one thing – don’t take your electric car to the traditional car mechanic because they are not acknowledged with the electric car’s mechanism. Always take your car to a professional electric car mechanic who has enough experience. Otherwise, contact your dealer for the service.

These are the steps, which are a must for the taking care checklist of your electric car.

  • Take care of the vehicle’s battery.
  • Properly look after the motor.

How To Take Care Of Electric Car’s Lithium-ion Battery

First, you should know about the causes that can affect your electric car battery. There are some common mistakes that you do with the battery. Once you got them, then it will be easy for you to take care of your E.V. You don’t worry about it, am here to only help you. I will aware you about the causes and their solutions.

Most of the people are careless whenever they charge their electric cars. The mistakes are: overflow charging, driving the vehicle at low battery status, and charging the battery fully every time. These mistakes damage your electric car battery slowly. And these are very tiny mistakes, which are easily avoidable by just following these simple steps.

  • Remove the charger after charging the vehicle. To do this, either you or any other should be present at the charging time to remove the charger.
  • Don’t charge the battery fully every time. Often we charge the battery fully so that we can drive more, this can be dangerous by the time. Most of the time, you should keep your charging status below 80%. In the case, when you have to do a long trip, then you can charge fully.
  • Don’t drive vehicles in low battery status. It reduces the battery efficiency. Check the battery status before every ride. And charge the battery before low battery status.

Not only Lithium-ion batteries but also every electric battery requires special care during the monsoon. Humidity could be the reason for the short circuit in the battery connected wires. And the gathered rainwater can harm the battery. So, make sure that you are more careful in the monsoon. Although the electric car’s battery comes seal packed, prevention is better than cure.

  • Make sure the battery dryness after every ride in the rain.
  • Either park in the garage or park the car with cover.
  • Periodically battery checkup in the monsoon.

A good charger quality is also mandatory for a long-lasting battery. Either use the company-provided charger or any branded charger. If you are using any third-party local company charge, then it will led to drop your car battery’s efficiency.

How to Properly Look After The Electric Motor

The second major part of an electric car is the electric motor that runs the vehicle. Electric vehicle motor is different from the traditional vehicle motor. Gas engine cars have to produce power, but E.V. motors get direct power from the battery. So, obviously, the E.V. motor has a few running parts to be handled. Electric vehicle motor is easy to be maintained than other traditional vehicle motors. 

To keep the motor maintained, you have to change the oil and filters in a certain time gap, you can do it yourself or by a mechanic. Additionally, a special motor check-up in a garage will keep your car motor up to date.

Along with all these, periodically brake pad changing is also important. Electric vehicles use regenerative braking, which keeps brakes safe than normal brakes. But, by the time. it is compulsory to take care of the brake pads. Moreover, you should follow some basic methods of car maintenance like; to avoid Overspeed, not to park in outside every time, time to time service, etc.

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