How To Use EVM

Most of the countries in the world are democratic and the election is compulsory for any democratic country. And the election is the integrated part of a democratic country. But, with time, the process of the election is becoming hard because of the increasing population. To make this process easy, EVM introduced. 

From the very starting, in any country, ballot paper was the only way of elections. In the ballot paper process, voters cast their vote on a paper. After that, Election Commission’s personnel count vote one by one. This way was okay when the population was less. But, as of now, the ballot paper method is getting impracticable for the huge population. So, countries are acquiring E.V.M. fastly.

Here we will discuss all about the EVM. So, make sure that you are continue with me till the end. 

What Is EVM: A Brief Introduction

Full form of the EVM is Electronic Voting Machine. It is used in elections for voting. This machine makes elections easy and fraudulent. EVM has two parts: Ballot unit and Controller unit.

Ballot Unit –

What Is EVM machine.
How To Use EVM
Photos Of EVM Ballot Unit

Ballot unit features16 buttons with different candidates labels. There are green automatic lights in front of every button. Voters cast their vote by pressing these buttons and the lights show an alert of vote casting. Moreover, 4 ballot units can be added with one E.V.M machine, so the number of buttons can exceeded upto 64.

In the case, where the candidates are over 64, then the other ballot can used with the EVM.

Controller Unit

What Is EVM machine.
How To Use EVM
Photos Of EVM Controller Unit

The controller unit controls the ballot unit and store the votes in it. The Controller unit has 7 segment L.E.D. lights, which show the results. 

What Is Inside The EVM

  • A 6-volt battery is installed in the E.V.M. machine, which gives power supply to the EVM.
  • EVM machine has its unique programmed software to work properly.
  • A real-time clock is also installed in the controller unit to read the exact time of voting.

How Does An EVM Works

  • When a voter casts his vote to any candidate, the ballot unit reads the vote and signals to the controller unit.
  • Controller unit reads the vote and stores it in its memory. 
  • After this, a light which is placed in front of buttons of ballot paper will show to the voter that his vote has been cast successfully.
  • If there is a V.V.P.A. T machine is connected with EVM, then it will automatically save a receipt of the vote in the V.V.P.A.T. machine. At the time of vote counting, the controller unit automatically counts the stored votes and shows the results on 7 segment L.E.D. lights. 

Note – The buttons can be pressed once at a time because the ballot unit shuts down automatically after casting a single vote and restarts after saving the vote.

How To Cast Vote In EVM

  1. Lookup for the symbol of your candidate on the ballot unit. 
  2. Press the button, which is located in just front of that symbol.
  3. Now, your vote has been cast. For confirmation, you will see a light with the button.

Is EVMs Are Completely Secure And Safe?

Well, this is a complicated question to be answered. Till now, there is no single case where E.V.M. got hacked and votes manipulated. At the same time, there are some scientists verified methods to hack an E.V.M. Meanwhile the V.V.P.A.T. machine gives surety of fraudless voting.

There are the following security features in an EVM

  • E.V.M. has well-programmed for nobody’s access.
  • An E.V.M. can only be programmed at once by its manufacturer. After once programmed, it cannot be reprogrammed by anyone. Even the manufacturer also can’t get access to re-programme an EVM, so it gives us surety that anyone can ’t access it.
  • EVM machine has its inbuilt real-time clock for an update of exact time of voting.
  • EVM has a tracker so that the election commission can track EVM machines all time.
  • The EVM is sealed by several layers called tamper-proof sealing that can’t break easily. 

How Can An E.V.M. Hacked 

As of now, scientist found two ways of hacking an EVM, by these two ways there are a little chances to hack an EVM. 

The first way to hack an EVM is to change its 7 segment display. As I told you, the controller unit of EVM has a 7 segment display to show the results. If anyone sets another same and equal size display, then it is possible to present fraud results on that display. Here, EVM will work properly and count the exact votes, but the results will manipulating by that fraud screen, that screen will not show the right result. 

The second way to hack an EVM is to set a diverter. If anyone can set a vote diverter in EVM, then the diverter will divert every vote to a single particular candidate.  

These are the two ways of hacking an E.V.M., but both are impractical methods. Because there is almost 0% chance to access an E.V.M. Because of multilayer packing.

Benefits Of Using An EVM 

  • Because it is an electronic machine, it saves the time of counting the votes. 
  • E.V.M. doesn’t need any type of paper to be used, so it saves the trees and money.
  • Null chance of hacking and unfair election. 
  • Using an E.V.M. is budget-friendly also because an E.V.M. works continuously for 10 years. 

Frequently asked questions about E.V.M.

Q.1~ Who invented the E.V.M.?

ANS. ~ The E.V.M. machine was developed by the Election Commission Of India and designed by Mr. A.G. Rao and Ravi Poovaiah.

Q.2 ~ Which country used EVM for the first time?

Ans.~ India was the first country to use the EVM.

Q.3~ How many votes can an E.V.M store at a time? 

Ans.~ E.V.M can store 3740 votes at a time.

Q.4 ~ Name of countries that are using E.V.M.? 

Ans. ~ E.V.M. machines are used in some big democratic countries like: India, Belgium, Venezuela, United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Maldives, Namibia, Egypt, Bhutan, Nepal, Brazil, and the Philippines. 

Q.5~ Name of countries that are not using or banned the E.V.M.? 

Ans.~ England, France, Germany, The Netherlands, and The United States.

Q.6~ Which modal of E.V.M. does India use?

 Ans.~ India uses M3 modal of E.V.M.

Bhawani Singh

That’s all from my side. Hope that you got helped with this blog post. Please follow and share this for spread the knowledge about electric technology.


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