Electric Car of Mahindra

Mahindra e2o Plus and Mahindra eVerito are two electric cars of Mahindra. Among these two electric cars, only eVerito is available in the fresh market. Mahindra e2o Plus has been discontinued by the company. Both the electric cars are low-ranger electric cars. Now, without taking it long, let’s come to the specs, features, and price of these two electric cars from Mahindra.

Mahindra e2o Plus

Mahindra Electric Car e2o Plus
Electric Car Of Mahindra e2o Plus

Mahindra e2o Plus was the first electric car from Mahindra. The company launched it on 21 October 2016. However, it is not available in the fresh car market. The company discontinued its manufacturing due to very low sales. The Mahindra e2o Plus was a compatible electric vehicle for the city ride—as the company said. Its highlighted specs were 19 kW motor, 15/11 kWh battery, 1 h 35 min charging time, and its 140 km range.

Mahindra e2o Plus was available in total three variants: P2, P4, and, P6. Most of the features are common in these three variants. There are some of the features which are different in individual variants. Till the end, I will let you know all the features of Mahindra e2o Plus.

Design, Dimensions, and Looks


Mahindra e2o Plus is a 4 seater compact hatch-back car. Its dimensions are 3590 * 1575 * 1565mm (length * width * height), 170mm ground clearance, 2258mm wheel base, 3937kg kerb weight, 1257kg gross weight, and 135 litre boot space. 

At the front, you have projector headlamps with turn indicators which are wrapped from the side to the front, a vertical line grille with Mahindra logo between the headlamps, fog lamps housing, and bumper grille on the below side.

At the side profile, you have body-colored O.R.V.M. with turn indicator, normal pulling door handles on front doors, vertical flap door handle on rear doors, and 14-inch steel wheels.

At the back, you have crystal L.E.D. tail lamps with turn indicator, and spoiler.


Mahindra e2o Plus’ dashboard features: an electric steering, 4 A.C. vents, touchscreen infotainment screen, fully digital instrument cluster, music system and A.C. controls, and glove box. Meanwhile, the instrument cluster shows seatbelt reminder, door closer warning, drive information, etc. Moreover, you have a fabric door trim and fabric seats.

  • Manual hand brake.
  • Gearbox.
  • Two-way adjustable driver seat.
  • Passenger vanity mirror.
  • Reading light.
  • Mobile charging socket in the front row.
  • Armrests on all doors.

No A.C. vents, no center arm rest, no charging ports in the rear cabin of the Mahindra e2o Plus. There is only arm rests on the doors.

Performance, Battery, Charging, And Range

The Mahindra e2o Plus has a 19 kW electric motor that can produce 70 NM torque. Its 3 phase A.C. induction motor is controlled by a 600 A controller. The transmission is a two-speed manual gearbox. The car can hit 0–40 km/h speed in 6.3 sec and 0–60 km/h speed in 14.1 sec. Moreover, the car has top speed of 80 km/h.

Both the variants have different battery. The P2 model has 15 kWh battery and P4&P6 variants have 11 kWh battery. Talking about the charging, 3 kW single phase 16 A charger can charge the battery in 7 h 20 min (in P2) or 6 h (in P4 and P6) and 10 kW 3 phase 32 A charger can charge the battery in around one and half hour. Meanwhile, the car has a regenerative braking system that stores the energy while braking, and use the stored energy to charge the vehicle.

Coming to the range of the Mahindra e2o Plus, it has a 140 km or 100 km driving range. And it offers you a 5 km revive range in low battery emergency. You can access the revive range from the instrument cluster.

Price Of Mahindra e2o Plus

The Mahindra e2o Plus P2 variant’ price – 7.48 Lac

The Mahindra e2o Plus P4 variant’ price- 8.23 Lac

The Mahindra e2o Plus P6 variant’ price- 9.49 Lac

Safety Features In Mahindra e2o Plus

  • 4 seat belts.
  • Child seat-mounted lock.
  • Front disc and rear drum breaks.
  • Manual Parking break.
  • Rear door child lock.
  • Hill assist.
  • Reverse parking camera (only in P6 model).

Warranty in Mahindra e2o Plus

The company offers you 3 years or 60,000 km warranty for battery and car. Warranty is valid for whichever (3 years or 60,000 km) comes first.

Key Features

1. Revers Parking
2. AntennaNoNoYes
3. RadioNoNoYes
4. BluetoothNoNoYes
5. SD card and navigationNoNoYes
6. Audio SystemNoNoYes
7. Under Hoop LampNoNoNo
8. Alloy WheelsNoNoNo
9. Key Less EntryYesYesYes
10. 4 Door Power WindowsYesYesYes
Key Features

Mahindra eVerito

Mahindra Electric Car eVerito
Electric Car Of Mahindra eVerito

It is the second electric car from Mahindra. Mahindra launched the eVerito on 02 June 2016. Unlike Mahindra Plus, it is available in the fresh car market. Its highlighted features are: 31 kW motor, 21.2 kWh battery, 1 h 30 min charging time, and 181 km range.

Mahindra eVerito is available in two variants: D2 and D6. There is not that much difference in both variants, but still, individual features are there f0or a little bit difference. So, let’s go to the specs of the Mahindra eVerito.

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Design, Dimensions, And looks


It is 5 seater sedan car. Its dimensions are 4247 * 1740 * 15420mm ( length * width * height), 172mm ground clearance 2630mm wheelbase, 1300kg kerb weight, and 510litre boot space. 

At the front, you have halogen headlamps with turn indicator, vertical line grille with Mahindra logo, fog lamps housing, and a black grille on the below side bumper.

On the side, you have flap-type traditional door handles, charging ports, ORVMs with turn indicators, and 14-inch alloy wheels are there. And on the back, you have crystal L.E.D. tail lamps with turn indicators. And roof rails are there on the roof of the car.


The dual-tone dashboard features hydric–electric steering, 4 A.C. vents, glove box with light, music system, fully digital instrument cluster, A.C., and music system controls. Moreover, you have-

  • 2 cup holders.
  • Manual handbrake.
  • Gearbox.
  • Passenger side vanity mirror.
  • Fabric trim doors.
  • Fabric upholstery seats.
  • Reading lights.
  • Front adjustable seats.
  • The mobile charging port is on the front side.

In the rear cabin, you have two handsets on the doors, fabric seats, and two seatbelts. There are no A.C. vents, no center armrest, and no cup holders in the rear cabin.

Performance, Battery, Charging, And Range

The car has a 31 kW electric motor that produces 91 NM torque. Equipped motor is a 3 phase A.C. induction motor which is controlled by a 550 A controller. Transmission is direct drive one-speed gear. The car can hit 0 to 60 km/h speed in 11.2 seconds. Its top speed is 86 km/h. Moreover, the car has two drive modes: the first one is eco mode, and the second is a boost mode.

The car has a 21.2 kW lithium-ion battery. You can charge the vehicle battery in 1 Hour 30 Minutes (0% to 80%) with a fast charger or in 11 Hours 30 Minutes (0% to 100%) with a normal charger. Meanwhile, the car has a regenerative braking feature that charges the battery while braking.

According to MIDC, the Mahindra eVerito’s range is 181 Km, and it has more than 8 Km revive range for any emergency.

Price of Mahindra eVerito

Price of Mahindra eVerito D2 model – 10.15 Lac

Price of Mahindra eVerito D6 model – 10.49 Lac

Safety Features In Mahindra eVerito

  • One airbag.
  • Keyless entry.
  • Auto door lock. 
  • Collapsible steering column.
  • Seat belts.
  • Hill holds control.
  • Rear Parking sensors.
  • Digital immobilizer.
  • Front disc and rear drum brake.
  • Anti Lock Braking System.

Warranty in Mahindra eVerito

The company offers you 3 years or 60,000 km warranty for battery and car. Warranty is valid for whichever (3 years or 60,000 km) comes first.

Key Features.

1. Front Chrome GrilleNo Yes
2. WheelsSteelAlloy
3. Audio SystemNoYes
4. Keyless EntryNoYes
5. Side Intrusion BeamsYesYes
6. 4-door Power WindowsYesYes
7. ORVMsManualElectric
Key Features


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