Tata Motors Electric Cars In India

Tata Motors Electric Cars In India

Till present, there is only two Tata Motors electric vehicles in India. Tata Motors’ electric domain Tata Passenger Electric Mobility Limited make E.V.s and launch them. The first electric vehicle from Tata Motors is Tata Nexon E.V. and the second one is Tata Tigor E.V. Both the E.V.s were earlier launched as normal petrol or diesel cars, after some time, due of the increasing demand for electric cars, the company launched these two cars with the electric powered engine. In this particular blog post, I will let you know about these two electric cars with full details. So make sure you are continue till the end.

1. Tata Nexon E.V.

Tata Motors Electric Car In India 
 Tata Motors Electric Vehicle In India
Tata Motors Electric Car Nexon EV
Nexon E.V.'s features

Tata Nexon E.V. is the first electric car in India from the Tata Motors. It is made on ZipTron technology, which is the electric vehicle technology of Tata Motors. The company launched Nexon E.V. on 28 January, 2020 in India. Despite being the first E.V., it hit a great number of sales in the market. Approximately 5000 units of Tata Nexon E.V. sold out so far. Moving forward, let’s come to Tata Nexon E.V.’s features.

Tata Nexon E.V. is available in three variants: XM, XZ +, and XZ + Lux. Obviously, all of these three models come at different price points with different features. So, first we will discuss the common features of all these three variants, and then we will understand different features with the help of a table.     

Nexon E.V. is a 5 seater compact SUV car. Its dimensions are: 3993 * 1811 * 1606mm (length * width * height), 2498mm wheelbase, 2.5mm ground clearance, 350 litre boot space, and 1400 kg kerb weight. Lookwise, it is as same as Tata Nexon petrol or diesel variant.


Taking a short walk around to the car, at the front, you have projector headlamps with Tri-arrows DRLS, fog lamps, and a simple strip with the Tata logo and E.V. badging is allocated between the headlamps. You have Tri- arrow pattern grille at the lower bumper. At the side profile, you have regular standard handlebars, O.R.V.M. with L.E.D. indicator, charging socket at the place of the fuel tank, and 16 inch normal or alloy wheels. At the back profile, you have Tri- arrow signature L.E.D. tail lamps, and spoiler. On the top side, a shark fin antenna (not in XM model), roof rails, and sunroof (only in XZ + Lux model).

Feature XM XZ+ XZ+ Lux
1. Auto HeadlampsNo NoYes
2. Turn Indicator In
3. Electric ORVMYes YesYes
4. Roof RailsNoYes Yes
5. Electric Blue LineYesNoNo
6. Dark Theme &
Side Line Belt
7. Shark Fin AntennaNoYesYes
8. Wheel CoversYesNoNo
9. Diamond Cut Alloy WheelsNoYesYes
10. Body Colored Door HandlesNoYesYes
11. Rain Sensing WipersNo NoYes
12. Rear WiperNoYesYes
13. Electric SunroofNoNoYes


Very first on the dashboard, you have electric steering, 4 A.C. vents, a 7-inch floating infotainment touchscreen, and a 7-inch digital instrument cluster. A center console with the cup holders, umbrella holder in front doors, and glove box. Moreover, you have 4 or 8 Harman speakers.

You have a full leatherette interior where you have premium leatherette front and back seats, leatherette finishing on the inside of the doors, and an arm and central console.

FeatureXMXZ+XZ+ Lux
1. Automatic A.C. YesYesYes
2. Rear A.C. VentsNoYesYes
3. Hight Adjustable Driver SeatNoYesYes
4. Adjustable Rear Seat & Head RestNoYesYes
5. Power WindowYesYesYes
6. Fast USB Charging Port At Front NoYesYes
7. 12 V Front Outlet YesYesYes
8. 12 V Rear OutletNoYesYes
9. Leatherette Wrapped SteeringNoYesYes
10. Leatherette Touch Inside The DoorsNoYesYes
11. Centre ConsoleYesYesYes
12. Rear Seat Arm RestNoYesYes
13. 7 inch Floating TouchscreenNoYesYes
14. Apple Car & Android Auto PlayNoYesYes

Performance, Battery, Charging, And Range

Performance aspects, this car runs on single-speed automatic transmission, 129 PS Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor that produces 245 NM torque is available in the car. It can go 0 to 100 KM/H in 9.9 seconds. Moreover, it has two drive options ( Drive and Sports). IP 67 battery protection and liquid cooling technology improve the car’s performance. The braking system is different in front and rear wheels, you have a disc break in front and drum break in the rear.

The car has a 30.2 kWh lithium-ion battery, which is charged by two types of chargers: first one is with normal domestic 15 AMP electricity power where you can charge battery 10% To 90% in 8 Hours and second is CCS 2, where you can charge 10% To 80% in just 60 Minutes.

According to the former users, Tata Nexon E.V. provides a range of 230 km in once full charging. Meanwhile, range depends on the way of how you drive, 230 km range is measured in the city while two people riding. The range can accede up to 300 km and come down to 160 km on the highways.

Price Of Tata Nexon E.V.

XM variant Ex-showroom price- 14.24lakh

XZ+ variant Ex-showroom price- 15.65lakh

XZ+ Lux variant Ex-showroom price- 16.65lakh

Safety Features In Tata Nexon E.V.

  • Driver and co-driver airbags.
  • ABS with EBD and CSC.
  • Seat belt locking system.
  • ISO fix child car.
  • Reverse park assist and camera (only in XZ + or XZ+ Lux.)
  • The fortified cabin decreases the pressure on passengers during the collision.

2. Tata Tigor E.V.

Tata Motors Electric Car In India 
 Tata Motors Electric Vehicle In India
Tata Motors Electric Car Tigor EV
Tata Tigor E.V.'s Features

It is the second electric car from Tata Motors. Tata Tigor was launched on 31 August 2021. Like Tata Nexon, earlier it was a petrol or diesel car. Tata Tigor is a more powerful, efficient, and spacious car than the Nexon. Till now, almost 1000 units sold out of Tata Tigor.

Again, it comes in three variants: XE, XM, and XZ +. All three variants are available at different price points with various features. So first we will talk about the common or basic draw line features and then will talk about variants.

Tata Tigor is a 5 seater compact sedan car, with dimensions 3993 * 1677 * 1533mm (length * width * height), 2450mm wheelbase, 172mm ground clearance, 316 litre boot space, and 1235 kg curb weight.


At the front, regular or projector headlamps with DRLS, fog lamps or their housing, a simple plain strip with Tata logo and E.V. badging between the headlights. The lower side bumper is a Tri arrow pattern grille. On the side, you have regular door handlebars, ORVM with turn indicator (not in XE modal), 175/65 R14 14 inch wheels. On the backside, crystal-inspired L.E.D. tail lamps, high mounted L.E.D. stop lamp, and a shark fin antenna (only in XZ+).

1. E.V. Blue Accent LineYesYesYes
2. Striking Projector HeadlampsNoNoYes
3. Signature L.E.D. DRLSNoNoYes
4. Crystal Inspired LED Tail LampsYesYesYes
5. Turn Indicator On ORVMNoNoYes
6. Full Wheel CoverNoYesYes
7. Shark Fin AntennaNoYesYes


You have premium light gray and a black interior, where the plastic dashboard features an electric power-assisted and tilt-adjustable steering, different sizes infotainment screen (depends on variant), digital cluster meter, 4 A.C. vents, Harman sound system with 8 speakers (4 speakers in XE). And you have fabric seats with a tri arrow theme, a foldable rear armrest with cup holders, and a decent size glove box. Moreover, the driver seat is height adjustable.

1. Automatic A.C.YesYesYes
2. Height Adjustable Driver SeatYesYesYes
3. Power WindowFrontAllAll
4. Foldable Rear Arm RestNoNoYes
5. USB Port At FrontNoYesYes
6. 12 V Front OutletYesYesYes
7. 12 V Rear OutletNoNoYes
8. Cooled Glove BoxNoYesYes

Performance, Battery, Charging, And Range

Tata Tigor E.V. runs on a single-speed automatic transmission. It has a 55 kW (74.7 PS) Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor with 170 NM torque. It can hit 0 to 100 KM/H speed in just 5.7 seconds. Moreover, the car has two drive modes: drive and sports. And it also offers a smart hill ascent and descent assist.

26 kWh lithium-ion battery that can be charged 0% to 80% in 8 Hours 45 Minutes with 15 AMP normal electricity, or in 65 Minutes with the CCS2 fast charger.

Coming to the range of Tata Tigor, it provides a 190 KM minimum and 310 KM maximum range. Meanwhile, the range depends on how you drive.

Price Of Tata Tigor E.V.

XE variant Ex-showroom price- 11.99Lakh

XM variant Ex-showroom price- 12.49Lakh

XZ + variant Ex-showroom price- 12.99Lakh

Safety Features In Tata Tigor E.V.

  • Driver and co-driver airbags.
  • ABS with EBD.
  • Seat Belt locking.
  • Auto door locking.
  • Reverse parking sensor and assist.(only sensor in XE).

Brief On Tata Motors

India based Tata Motors is one of the best automobile company. people know it for its reliability, it makes good built quality vehicles and provides customers the best services. Tata Motors was founded by Jehangir Ratanji Dadabhoy Tata in 1945. Company provides its services worldwide. Its headquarters is situated in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Meanwhile, Tata Motors owns Jaguar and Landrover.

Tata Motors is planning to launch more E.V.s in the market, in this order, company invested 15 thousand crores for the E.V.s and announced to launch 10 electric cars in next four years. Hopefully, we will see more Tata Motors Electric vehicles in India.

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That’s all about today topic. I hope you like the post. If you like the post please share it with your friends. And please comment if you want want post related to electric vehicles. Thank you for reading till here.


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