Is Electric Car The Future

Cars play a significant role in the transport industry. It means when transport will go through any revolution, the cars will play a major role—this is the actual thing what is going to happen with cars or vehicles in future.

Just before a few years back, when electric cars were introduced, no one imagined that they will find electric cars on the roads in such good numbers. But it happened and we all are deponent of the process. In the just last year, 2021, one car was electric over hundred sold cars, this is because people started to understand the importance of electric cars. And this figure for electric cars will increase quickly in the future. And we will be bystanders of the electric car future.

Is Electric Car The Future.
What Is Future Of Electric Cars.
Challenges For Electric Car In Future

In the starting time, people do shillyshally in trusting electric vehicles, because this was an unfamiliar concept in the automobile industry. Many of the buyers think that the electric car is not a practical vehicle, it will not come over with their expectations, and E.V.s are not compatible. Am not saying that they think completely wrong. But, the thing is, they cannot assume the potential and urge of electric vehicles in the future.

I am addressing here electric cars ‘the urge of future’ because of two reasons: the first one is certain amount of available crude oil and the second one is the spiking pollution. These two reasons are enough to understand the importance of electric vehicles. Most of the countries do import of crude oil over 50% of their requirements, which is very costly. Coming on the pollution topic, according to the reports, our environment cannot bear more pollution in the next few years. If these issues can be solved by electric vehicles, then why we should not contribute and be a part of this revolution.

Let me explain to you how fast it will be, just think about the early stages of smartphones in 1990s and 2000s, no one could imagine that smartphones will, in the next one or two decades, cover the market and be an impenetrable part of human being life. Exactly the same thing is going to happen with the electric vehicle industry. We are assuming that 30% cars will be electric by 2030, which was only 2.6% in 2020. In this order, some governments are planning to ban the manufacturing units of petrol and diesel engines, and to promote the manufacturing of electric engines. Eventually, some of the giant car manufacturing companies have announced that they will completely shut their petrol or diesel engine-making units or convert them into electric engine-making units. According to some media reports, Jaguar is planning to sell the only electric car after 2025, likewise, Volvo after 2030. Recently, Hyundai has completely shut their engine development division for making petrol or diesel engine in South Korea, now Hyundai will only develop the electric powered engine.

I hope you got my point and understood that how electric vehicles will cover the market so soon and how will electric cars become the future. Moving forward in the blog post, we will discuss some basic challenges for the electric cars and try to counter their solution.

Challenges For The Electric Cars 

  • Less manufacturing of the lithium-ion cells:- we are not at the stage where we can manufacture a large number of lithium batteries, and a battery is a basic requirement in an electric vehicle. We have to prepare and scale our battery manufacturing infrastructure for future requirements.
  • Lack Of Charging Stations And Service Stations:- As of now, we don’t have enough electric car charging and service stations, which is an enormous problem that electric car buyers are facing. Not in all countries, but in many countries buyers are facing this problem. It compelled people to charge their E.V.s with a normal charger at their home which takes up to 10-12 hours to charge the battery, where it takes 2-3 Hours on charging stations. We want the government to stimulate investors to open more and more electric charging stations. So that buyers can get compatibility with E.V.s.
  • Overpriced E.V.s:- Electric cars are more expensive than petrol or diesel cars, again this is the of the biggest reasons for less sell of E.V.s. When buyers have an option for buying the same vehicle at a low price, then it is a little hard to convince the buyer to choose an electric engine. To resolve it, the governments have to change their policies and decrease the taxes on electric manufacturing units. So that prices come down and sales go up.

Coming to the conclusion, obviously, electric cars are the future of the next generation. This is dam sure that in the coming few years, the E.V.s will cover this huge car market and will be a better choice for potential buyers. I would say that not only it will be a choice but also it will be the only choice.

Let me know that what you think future of electric cars: will they ruin, or survive, and please share your views. Your comments and reviews are precious to us. Moreover, you can follow us on our social media handles.

Thank you.  


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